The CorWavers

Prior to joining CorWave, CorWavers brought successfully over 40 innovative medical devices to patients.

We are an international team passionate about deep tech innovation and serving patients.

“Our mission is to develop the wave membrane the path through which blood will pass. Our goal is to provide a sufficiently powerful and biocompatible system to support future CorWave LVAD patients in their daily life.”

CorWave LVAD Membrane Hydraulic Efficiency Project Team

“We develop the implantable part of the cardiac pump, especially the membrane actuator to ensure biocompatibility and a minimal energy consumption.”

Design and Development of the LVAD Implantable Part Project Team

“Our mission is twofold. On the one hand, we imagine, design and set up the test benches that will be used to characterize our pumps. On the other hand, we are developing the external system of the CorWave LVAD pumps to ensure optimal control of their performance while ensuring the safety and comfort of users.”


External Electronics Development and Test Benches Automatisation Project Team

“We develop and set up tests allowing us to improve the design of our pumps to ensure their good functioning and blood compatibility.”


In Vitro Verification Project Team

“Our mission is to facilitate the implantation of our pump thanks to the development of an intuitive and ergonomic surgical instrumentation as well as reliable connections to the cardiovascular system.”

Instrumentation for CorWave LVAD Surgical Procedure Project Team

“Our goal is to develop a mini invasive cardiac pump with the wave membrane technology to apply circulatory support to other heart conditions.”

Nemo Development Program Team