The Next Gen LVAD

Neptune is an LVAD with a unique, physiological behaviour. It is intended to treat patients with advanced heart failure, and aims to reduce the risk of complications associated with current LVADs.

Neptune is an investigational device.

  • Compact Size 
  • Reliability
  • High Fidelity Pulsatility 
  • Low Shear

A Physiological Heart Pump

Thanks to the wave membrane technology, Neptune can restore blood flow while preserving a high fidelity pulsatility, unlike continuous flow rotary pumps which provide limited and artificial pulsatility. Its operation is similar to that of the native heart: it can faithfully recreate the ejection (systole) and filling (diastole) phases without exposing the blood to the same damage caused current commercially-available rotary pump LVADs.

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A Standard Implantation Procedure

Neptune can be implanted via the standard surgical procedures practiced by surgeons today, sternotomy and/or thoracotomy. Thanks to its compact design, it will be implantable in the intra-pericardial cavity and will be compatible with less invasive procedures.

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Full Support For Advanced Heart Failure

The Neptune pump is designed to deliver an average flow rate of 5 to 6L/min, thus providing full support for patients with advanced heart failure. Neptune addresses existing and established indications for LVADs: “Bridge To Transplantation” (BTT), for patients awaiting transplantation, “Destination Therapy” (DT), for patients who are not eligible for transplantation, and “Bridge To Recovery” (BTR).

Once the pump is implanted, power is supplied by a driveline cable which is passed through the skin and connects the pump to an external controller and batteries.

Its ability to reproduce a physiological pulsatile flow aims to reduce existing complications and improve patients’ lives.

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LVADs are implantable cardiac assist pumps intended to treat patients suffering from advanced heart failure.

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Advanced Heart Failure

Heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body.

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